White Nile River Basin Expedition – Entebbe 3/26

Welcome to #2 in a series of blogs written by Alison Jones before her departure to Uganda and Kenya as NWNL’s lead photographer.

Map of Uganda

Date: Friday, 26 March 2010 /Entry 2
Reporter: Alison M. Jones
Location: Entebbe

I arrive today in Entebbe to begin documenting Uganda’s White Nile River Basin. I plan to spend the afternoon in Jinga, the source of the White Nile on Lake Victoria. Here this western arm of the Nile begins its 2300-mile (3700-km) journey to meet the Blue Nile at Khartoum, Sudan. But before reaching that confluence, two arms of the White Nile come together in southern Uganda. The eastern Victoria Nile tumbles in a northwest direction from L. Victoria through the chasm of Murchison Falls into Lake Albert. The more westerly Albert Nile forms at a higher elevation from early trickles in the Rwenzori Mountains, known as the Mountains of the Moon. These mountains are rapidly losing their glaciers due to climate change which will likely produce a reduced flow to the Nile in upcoming years.

From the field: Welcome to the Pearl of Africa! Entebbe is directly on Lake Victoria. Our flight in from Kenya under heavy clouds revealed lush green vegetation and red clay roads. Settlement in Entebbe environs is on hilltops because surrounding each one are rivers of papyrus swamps, some of which have bridges crossing over these “swamp-ways.”

This afternoon NWNL will meet its White Nile River Basin expedition partner who will facilitate our documentation, photography and in-situ research. NAPE is the National Assoc. of Professional Environmentalists. It covers Uganda and the Great Lakes Region of Africa working to promote sustainable and equitable management of natural resources.

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