the art of addressing water conservation

NWNL would like to spotlight artists utilizing art as a platform to raise awareness of water issues.

Currently on view at Pace Gallery in NYC -Maya Lin creates sculptural topographies of disappearing watersheds. With recycled silver, steel pins, marble and wood, Lin presents aerial views of waterways exploring environmental issues. Watch a 5 minute video of Lin discussing this body of work.

Photographer Ian Teh exhibits Traces: Landscapes in Transition on the Yellow River Basin at Open Society Foundations on view until Dec 13, 2013. “Few rivers have captured the soul of a nation more deeply than the Yellow River in China. The river’s plight also underlines the dark side of China’s economic miracle, an environmental crisis leading to scarcity of the one resource no nation can live without: water. ~ Ian Teh

Lauren Rosenthal depicts numerous watersheds in drawings, prints, and sculpture. “By giving priority to rivers, not as resources to be exploited, but as an integral part of a social/biological system, I hope to provoke dialogue and stimulate change around how we understand ourselves in relationship to the hydrological world.” ~Lauren Rosenthal

– Posted by Jasmine Graf, NWNL Associate Director

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  1. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for info on Maya Lins show at Pace Gallery, 32 E 57 St. It closes June 22. If you have time, Id like to go with you to see that. It would also be fun to re-visit her wonderful WAVE earth-work at Storm King, in Mountainville, NY.

    PS. Googled artwork on water issues. Lots of non-mainstream sites came up.


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