Water – through the eyes of a child and the lens of a camera


By Child Poet, Hilda Conkling (1910-1986)
Photography by Alison M. Jones
The world turns softly

East Africa:  Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park

Not to spill its lakes and rivers.


The water is held in its arms


And the sky is held in the water.

AK  Sew Hwy 199D.JPG

What is water,


That pours silver,

Zambia, confluence of tributaries of Zambezi River, aerial view

And can hold the sky?


Many of Hilda’s poems were written between the ages of four to ten years old. They were transcribed by her mother. Most of Hilda’s poetry is about nature. Water, is from Poems by a Little Girl, which is free to read online thanks to Project Gutenberg.

– Posted by Jasmine Graf, NWNL Associate Director

3 thoughts on “Water – through the eyes of a child and the lens of a camera

    1. Thanks Lori! Per Wiki: Hilda, who wrote most of her poetry between ages 4-10, was the daughter of Grace Hazard Conkling, a poet in her own right and Assistant Professor of English at Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts. Hilda was born in New York state.

  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful words of the poem ~ a great blend. I really love this site. Water is at the heart of who we are in a literal sense of our body’s chemistry, but also with its fluidity, adaptability and strength I think it also represents the best of human nature as well. NWNL a great name, with even greater aspirations. Nice work!

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