Foiled !

Today I tried to go to the Shiloh Indian Mounds in TN and the Holcut Memorial in MS (dedicated to a town submerged in the 80’s when the Feds constructed the Tennessee- Tombigbee Waterway). This is what I saw at both places:


It’s the same shut gate I’ve seen on this month’s expedition at Great Smoky Mountain Nat’l Park, Wheeler Nat’l Park, Lookout Mtn Nat’l Park, etc.  Let’s hope this shutdown is resolved soon and I can get in to document Dale Hollow Nat’l Fish Hatchery, Big South Fork Nat’l River Area, Oak Ridge Nat’l Lab (for interview on climate change), the Land between the Lakes Nat’l Recreation Area, Shawnee Nat’l Forest, Cincinnati’s EPA Cluster Lab on Water Technology, et al.

Our National Parks, historic Parks, River Areas, and national Labs are probably more extensive and significant than most of us ever realize. On this expedition – with so many barriers up – I am overwhelmed by how much we take them for granted and what we lose when we don’t have them.

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