Signs that you are an Environmentalist

New Jersey, Raritan River Basin
New Jersey, South Branch of the Raritan River

Have you ever posted about Climate Change on social media?

Do you care about animals and their habitat?

Have you used the word “sediment?”

Have you ever talked about soil in casual conversation?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, think about becoming a Rutgers University Certified Environmental Steward. No previous environmental training is necessary. Anyone with an interest in the environment and a passion for creating positive change in their community can become an Environmental Steward thanks to this upcoming lecture series.

You will get training in:

New Jersey, stream water monitoring training
New Jersey, stream water monitoring training

•Soil health
•Climate change
•Habitat protection & restoration
•Stormwater management
•Energy conservation
•Invasive species
•Municipal planning & ordinances
•Volunteer Monitoring
•Civic Science

The program is designed to give participants a better understanding of local issues that are important and to improve their own watersheds. Special focus will be on the Lower Raritan River Basin and invasive species management.

The program will be conducted at multiple locations in New Jersey.  It will include 60 hours of lecture and a 60-hour internship.  Classes will be on Wednesday evenings starting January 27th at 6:30 pm, continuing through June. The program is $250.00.  More info on the program website here.

Pass this along to folks who may be interested! It’s a great program!

– Posted by Jasmine Graf, NWNL Associate Director

3 thoughts on “Signs that you are an Environmentalist

    1. Not too sure about certification classes in the UK, like the one being offered in NJ, but this may be a good place to start:

      Also found this interesting class on groundwater –

      I’m sure others are interested in environmental stewardship in your local area. Connect with local nature organizations. Perhaps you can start your own grassroots effort to learn more about the issues and to get the community involved!

      1. I did a course on pond management and there are volunteering initiatives but it just sounds like a good overall way to connect and care for the local environment. I am mainly in Spain looking after our land there and there is very little there.

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