Canada: Alberta, Columbia Icefields, Athabasca Glacier, water melting from edge of foot of glacier, 2007 NWNL Expedition


NEWS FLASH! The North Pole temperature is 30° Fahrenheit today – as warm as Chicago yesterday and warmer than much of the US Midwest!  And remember there’s no sunlight there now as we’re only days past Winter Solstice – it’s polar night.  Yet the thermometer is 50 degrees above normal!  (Source:  Joel Hruska, Extreme Tech)

Flood of 1993 in Chester, IL. Photos by Alison M. Jones

NEWS FLASH!  Rivers in the US Midwest are flooding at record levels due to a winter cyclone that dropped atmospheric pressure so suddenly that it qualified as a “bomb cyclone.”  It also “dropped” 15 inches of snow in the Texas Panhandle and 6 to 12 inches of rain from Illinois to northeast Texas, causing rivers and their tributaries to spill over their banks on Monday.  This began a disaster that will surely mount into billions of dollars of damages, based on the Flood of ‘93’s $15 billion tab.

The predicted crest height in Chester IL for tomorrow will be higher than that of 1993. In 2 weeks the Lower Mississippi will reach its highest levels. (Source: Angela Fritz, Washington Post)

What’s strangest?  All the records being broken this week occurred during spring floods, full of snow-pack runoff – this is a winter flood occurring before much snow has even fallen. (Jim Salter, US News & World Report)

These headlines are not Science Fiction.
It is not The End of the World.
It is the end of 2015.

As we ring in 2016, let’s address and mitigate threats to our watersheds.

WE ALL live in a watershed.  WE ALL must work to avoid:

  •  diseases from dirty water – or lack of water (No Water – No Life)
  •  famine migrations (No Water – No Food)  
  •  water poverty (No Water – No Peace)

We can ensure the STABILITY of our communities, our ecosystems and our economies.  

The U.S. poet Maya Angelou said, “Can’t do” is the same as “Don’t care.”  But we each care that we have water; that our communities prosper; and that peace is maintained.   We must care.  There is no Planet B.  So, “Let’s Care Together.”

We have the empathy, brainpower and technology to protect our natural resources.  We just need to add to that toolkit a willingness to work together.  Then we can stabilize our communities and economies. We can avoid more water-related disasters that lead to despair, chaos and the creation of breeding grounds for terrorism.

NWNL has spent 9 years documenting these threats.  As we enter our 10th year, we are prepared to spend 10 more years raising awareness and sharing solutions.

A NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: Let’s act to avoid famine, floods, disease and water wars!  Lets work together for ensuring water for all!

Missouri: Flood, Ste. Genevieve, train and Main Street bridge completely flooded during Mississippi River Flood of 1993



By: Alison M. Jones

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