The Serengeti’s Meyasi Mollel

K-ZB-119.tifZebras about to cross the Mara River, Kenya

IMG_0881Today, NWNL Director Alison M Jones will give a joint presentation in New York City with Serengeti Preservation Foundation Director, Meyasi Mollel (pictured left). They will discuss Africa’s Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem, its threats, and a variety of solutions to protect the wildlife and ecosystems within this renowned “8th Wonder of the World.”


TZ-S-T-102.jpgYellow-barked acacias in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Meyasi’s Serengeti Preservation Foundation is a Tanzanian nonprofit organization developing community conservation programs to awaken local community awareness of  the Serengeti National Park, and to provide lasting protection for the Serengeti ecosystem. Meyasi is particularly focused on bringing youth to the Serengeti, having been a science educator with a passion for conservation.

Jones_091005_TZ_3123Fishing on Lake Victoria, Mara River terminus -Tanzania

Alison and Meyasi met a year ago in Nairobi, Kenya when they both attended a meeting with stewards, scientists and governmental representatives on the subject of the many dams proposed by Kenya. At the meeting, he articulately expressed the concerns of Tanzanians fearing that the proposed dams would lessen the volume of the NWNL Case-Study Watershed Mara River.  As a result, he pleaded that Tanzanians be included in Kenya’s decision-making process within this transboundary watershed.

Deforestation in Mau Forest, Mara River Source – Kenya 

As part of the NWNL Voices of the River Interview series, Alison interviewed Meyasi about his transboundary concerns, particularly vis a vis Kenya’s potential reduction of the critical flows of  the Mara River, from its degraded Mau Forest, across Tanzania and into Lake Victoria. A NWNL case study focus, the Mara River is a lifeline to all iconic and lesser-known wildlife in the protected Kenyan Maasai Mara National Reserve and Tanzanian Serengeti National Park.

TZ-Z-B-108.jpgZebras in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

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