Our NextGen Team

Promoting the “Voices of our Youth” furthers our watershed education efforts, a NWNL Mission major goal. Since 2007, NWNL has supported watershed education with college internships and blogging opportunities. Our new NWNL NEXTGEN BLOG series posts only student essays; sponsors a forum for its student contributors; and invites student proposals to write on watershed values, threats and solutions.

Paige Aldenberg, University of Vermont

Paige Aldenberg is a student at the University of Vermont studying environmental science with a minor in German. Her interest in  No Water- No Life started after writing for an environmental publication through her university. She is currently interested in water quality research and environmental justice.

Jacqueline Jobin, University of Minnesota

Jacqueline Jobin is an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota studying Environmental Science with a minor in Corporate Environmental Management. Her career goals include helping businesses reach important sustainability goals. She is excited to learn more about water conservation issues and to use her voice to spread awareness about important environmental topics through NWNL.

Becca Jordan, University of Nottingham

Becca Jordan is a Graduate student at the University of Nottingham studying Environmental Leadership and Management. Her ultimate goal is to work within an Environmental NGO, she is enjoying getting started on that pathway by advocating for freshwater conservation through No Water No Life.

June Noyes, De Paul University

June Noyes is an undergraduate student at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. She is majoring in Journalism with minors in Anthropology and Public Affair Communication. Her writing interests include sustainability, global women’s health and environmental justice. June was inspired by No Water No Life’s commitment to educating readers on environmental inequity throughout the world and the importance of global access to clean water.

Justin Shen, Jericho High School

Justin Shen is a rising senior at Jericho Senior High School. He is actively involved in environmental conservation groups within his community and wanted to expand his efforts to impact a larger audience. After learning about No Water No Life, he loved their mission and now contributes as a social media intern.

Marianne Swan, State University of New York College at Oneonta, 2020

Marianne Swan is a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sustainability and English. She’s eager to explore pressing water and social issues with No Water No Life, hoping to inform and impact readers. Marianne is interested in learning about potential ways to affect public policy; she also wants to learn more about local agriculture!

Rachel Rebello, Boston University Law School

Rachel Rebello graduated from Rutgers University in 2019 with a bachelors in Biological Sciences. She enjoys learning about environmental issues, and is currently pursuing a career in environmental law. Rachel has done valuable research on PFAS contamination in 4 of NWNL case study watersheds. NWNL congratulates Rachel as she embarks on her first semester at Boston University Law School.