Mau Forest Degradation

NWNL's Mara River Expedition this fall began in Kenya's Mau Forest where severe deforestation has reduced water supplies, causing politicians and conservationists to enact bold solutions.

Funding the Mara River Expedition

I am diving in with our project's current challenge: EXPEDITION FUNDING! NWNL’s research, documentation and publications are based on its expeditions to North American and African case-study watersheds. By comparing approaches to freshwater issues and solutions in developed versus developing nations, NWNL distinguishes itself from most other organizations.

Columbia River Expedition

Hello from the sunny and unseasonably warm Pacific Northwest! We head for the Canadian headlands of the Columbia River in NWNL’s first source-to-sea expedition. The Columbia Wetlands, including Lakes Columbia and Windemere, will be our first area of documentation and my first sighting of Columbian waters.