Women as Saviors of the Serengeti

Written by Meyasi Mollel Edited by Alison M Jones Images © Alison M Jones (Unless otherwise noted) NWNL Director Alison Jones met Tanzania's Meyasi Meshilieck a year ago in Kenya, via NWNL's partner Serengeti Watch co-directors Boyd Norton and Dave Blanton. In her NWNL Interview with Meyasi, they discussed his views as a science educator in Tanzania…

Amboseli Wetlands

by Pongpol Adireksarn for No Water No Life Edited by Alison Jones, NWNL Director Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest and most well-known mountain. The Maasai call it “Ol Dolnyo Oibor” (The White Mountain) because of its snow-capped top, a symbolic landmark for centuries. Besides being picturesque, Kilimanjaro has lived up to its reputation as “The Life-giving…

River waters are never the same from one moment to the next….

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Daily Post – Weekly Photo Challenge: INSIDE

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