White Nile River Basin Expedition – Jinja 4/10

NWNL will end its White Nile River Basin expedition in Jinga on Lake Victoria, the head of the Victoria Nile. With the guidance of a member of the National Association of Professional Engineers, NWNL will photograph fishing on Lake Victoria, the Bujagali and Owen Falls dams, and a local resettlement village created for those who had to be moved out of the Bujagali Reservoir. Discussions will focus on the processes followed (or not followed) in constructing these hydro dams and on other Nile River Basin projects …

Columbia River Expedition

Hello from the sunny and unseasonably warm Pacific Northwest! We head for the Canadian headlands of the Columbia River in NWNL’s first source-to-sea expedition. The Columbia Wetlands, including Lakes Columbia and Windemere, will be our first area of documentation and my first sighting of Columbian waters.